Department fosters all forms of theoretical and experimental work in the field of basic, developmental and applied research. The premise of the research work of the Department of hydraulic machinery and power systems makes the Centre for hydraulic machinery and power systems with their laboratories: Laboratory of pumps, hydraulic turbines and gears, Laboratory of gastechnic, compressors and fans; Laboratory for fluid measurements and Laboratory for hydropower equipment.

Laboratories are equipped with large number of installations with related measuring equipment that is subject: scientific research, expert testing, exercise students, theses, etc.

Important results in basic research are:

  • research swrl flow in straight pipes and diffusers,

  • stability trends shaping the contours of electric space,

  • study the energy loss in the impeller of turbomachinery,

  • study of unsteady phenomena in complex hydro systems,

  • research on improved methods of measuring velocity field of three-dimensional flow and pressure transducer Konrad et al.

In the field of development research in recent years the Department has worked on the following development projects:

  • explore and conquer pipe turbine for production in Serbia. Analyzing the need to build hydropower plants on rivers of Serbia developed a model tubular turbines that will best meet the requirements of our rivers, small falls,

  • development of hydraulic flow tracts of small hydropower plants,

  • development of software for design and calculation of radial and axial hydraulic turbomachinery,

  • development of software for analysis of hydraulic shock and rebound hammer hydraulic turbine dual regulation,

  • development of software for calculation of hydraulic vibration and stability analysis of the plant and others.

Since a large number of applied research emphasize the following:

  • complex and Guarantee Test hydroelectric Iron Gate II, Iron GateI, Bocac, Pirot, Trebinje, Bajina Basta, Medjuvrsje, etc,,

  • optimization of turbine expansion HE Iron Gate I; analysis of opportunities to install additional turbines prelivnoj defend and analysis of the possibility of increasing power of the existing turbines,

  • typing turbine Banki turbine generators with a series BT 90,

  • technical and technological studies making hydraulic turbine generators for small hydro power plants with tubular Z-turbine rotor diameter of 1000-2100mm and auxiliary equipment,

  • technical design of axial pump large brzohodosti,

  • complex testing pumps in pumping stations on the left bank of the Danube,

  • technical design of centrifugal pumps CP 200-375,

  • centrifugal fans for underground shelters, etc...