Department of HMEs has always tended to focus their research at a practical purpose, and it is implemented in cooperation with industry.

Some of the important products and technologies implemented include:

  • Model Banki turbine (25 kW)

     Банки1                Банки2


  • Model Bulb turbine (15 kW)

     Цевна1                Цевна2


  • Model of Francis and Kaplan turbines for small hydro

     Каплан                Франсис


  • Reversible axial fan jet

     Млазни аксијални вентилатор1                Млазни аксијални вентилатор2   


  • Radial, axial and roof ventilators

Кровни вентилатор


  • Probe for the determination of two-dimensional and three-dimensional velocity field


The cooperation is established with the following organizations and electric company:

  • Electric Power Industry of Serbia - EPS

  • Petroleum Industry of Serbia - NIS

  • JP Belgrade water supply and sanitation

  • Prva Petoletka, Trstenik

  • Holding Gosa-FOM, S. Palanka

  • RTB-FOD, Bor

  • ILR Corporation, Belgrade;

  • Janko Lisjak, Belgrade

  • Factory pump Jastrebac, Nis

  • Zanus, Valjevo

  • Milan Blagojevic, Lucani

  • Sever, Subotica

  • Minel Kotlogradnja, Belgrade

  • MIN, Nis

  • Prva Iskra, Baric

  • and others...