The tasks of the maintenance department of modern teaching in academic studies: undergraduate, graduate and doctoral studies, as well as in professional studies: basic and specialized studies dealing with theoretical and experimental investigation and cooperation with industry in the field of hydroelectric and fluid flow.

In addition to the basic study of professional materials, students gain knowledge from other fields of engineering, so that no difficulty can be included in the other domain of mechanical engineering.

Hydro facilities, machinery and equipment are very widely used in many business areas, such as electric power, process industry, energy, water, industry, petroleum products, transport of liquid and solid materials, agriculture and other activities. Pursuant to aforesaid, and the fact that some of these economic areas of strategic importance for the prosperity of Serbia, the need for mechanical engineers hydropower profiles are distinct.

For B.Sc. (undergraduate) academic studies, Department conducted classes for the following items:

  • ХЕН210-1209 Skill praxis B - ХЕН

  • ХЕН210-0442 Pumps and fans

  • ХЕН210-0999 Basics of turbomachinery

  • ХЕН210-0807 Fundamentals of measurement technique

  • ХЕН210-0361 Final course (B.Sc. work) - Basics of turbomachinery

  • ХЕН210-0361 Final course (B.Sc. work) - Pumps and fans

  • ХЕН210-0361 Final course (B.Sc. work) - Fundamentals of measurement technique

On M.Sc. (graduate) academic studies at graduate school department performs the following subjects:

  • ХЕН220-1000 Theory of turbomachinery

  • ХЕН220-0443 Pumps

  • ХЕН220-0446 Pumps and fans

  • ХЕН220-0808 Hydraulic turbines

  • ХЕН220-0445 Machine design of pumps, fans and turbocompressors

  • ХЕН220-0809 Fans and turbocompressors

  • ХЕН220-0926 Mechanical engineering measurements and sensors

  • ХЕН220-1001 Turbomachinery

  • ХЕН220-0444 Design computations in turbomachinery

  • ХЕН220-0810 Hydropower plant and equipment

  • ХЕН220-1002 Hydraulic torgue converters

  • ХЕН220-0927 Hydropower measurements

  • ХЕН220-0928 Renewable energy resources - small hydropower plants

  • ХЕН220-1210 Skill praxis M - ХЕН

Department has a Department of Hydraulic Machinery divided into six laboratories to conduct experimental research and practice of students. In the field of theoretical and experimental research was published in a number of technical and scientific papers. Collaborating with entrepreneurs, members of the department have constructed and captured a number of turbines, pumps, fans, compressor circuits, devices for measuring the current size, etc.. Also, they performed a significant number of complex and performance measurements on hydro and other facilities.