Department for HMES is one of the oldest departments of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Emerged from the general subject of Technical high schools. Department for Hydraulic machinery and plants was officially formed 1932nd on the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Technical Faculty High School. Now named Department for Hydraulic machinery and energy systems.



Проф. Светозар Зорић Origins of the teaching of hydraulic machines in Serbia are in the framework of the general case, "Mechanics and science mahina" introduced 1873rd in the teaching faculty of the Technical Faculty High School. Officially, the courses in this subject began only 1887th, the setting Svetozar Zorića to the professor. The development of mechanical science to talk to the Kingdom of Serbia in the Faculty of Engineering was established in 1897. The Technical Department of Mechanical and from the above general mechanical watch is set aside special item "Building a hydraulic motor design" taught by Professor Svetozar Zorić. Already 1906th The prof. Svetozar Zoric building the first hydraulic laboratory.



Проф. Владимир Фармаковски Prof. Vladimir Farmakovski 1924th he began to teach the subject of hydraulic motors after the departure of Professor Svetozar Zorića to retirement, and the 1925th he wrote the first textbook in Serbia "Hydraulic Motors", which is based on onovremenskim modern knowledge of hydraulics and hydraulic turbines. Prof. Vladimir Farmakovski transferred to the 1930th The subject of the newly Docent Nikola Obradovic and he also teaches management modestly equipped Institute for hydraulic machines housed in a newly constructed building of the Faculty of Engineering at King Aleksandar Obrenovic.




доц. Никола Обрадовић Upon taking the lecture by Assist. Nikola Obradovic name objects "Hydraulic Motor" is changed to "hydraulic machine." Since those days, thanks to prof. Nikola Obradovic study of the hydraulic machine gets in full swing. Already in 1929. The prof. Nikola Obradovic construct the first Kaplan turbine in Serbia whose prototype installed in the mill "Sv. Petka" in Nis. Besides the already mentioned case doc. N. Obradovic introduced and has been teaching the subject "Design of rotating machines" and the "pumps and fans."




Хидраулички мотори The General Regulation of the University of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Department Faculty of Engineering was first formed 1932nd The Department of hydraulic machinery and equipment which belonged to the Department of hydraulic machinery and installations. Department receives a large area 1940th in a new building erected in the Mechanical Engineering Department at a graveyard (now Roosevelt 1a). Mechanical Engineering was established in 1948. years where she was the Chair of hydraulic machinery. The new building of Mechanical Engineering, 1965th The Department of hydroelectric expands to new premises. Department 1987th year changed its name to Department of hydroelectricity, in 2004. in the Department of hydraulic machinery and energy systems, because in the meantime business department expanded into many new areas over time required.